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Repairing and restoring damaged, decayed, or missing teeth with biologic methods is a life-changing experience. It plays a crucial role in helping regain not only aesthetic appeal, but oral health, function and quality of life. Whether you have a single damaged tooth or multiple missing teeth, restorative dentistry at Rejuvenation health offers a range of solutions to meet your specific needs, all using the biologic principles that sets us apart.

At Rejuvenation Health, everything we do is with a biologic lens. Restorative dentistry is not an exception. A focus on overall oral health and the body’s natural biological processes always comes first, and our goal is to enhance the appearance of a patient’s smile while also taking into account the long-term health and well-being of the teeth and surrounding oral structures. The Rejuvenation approach recognizes the interplay between aesthetics and biology in dentistry.


On Your Journey With You

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Dr. Gerry Curatola

Renowned globally for his expertise in reconstructive dentistry, Dr. Curatola is a trailblazer committed to advancing an integrative and holistic approach to health and wellness. His leadership extends beyond the boundaries of traditional dentistry, encompassing all facets of a patient’s biology. Driven by a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between the mouth, body, mind, and spirit, he passionately advocates that unraveling this intricate link is paramount to unlocking the secrets of optimal health and longevity.

At the forefront of biologically informed dentistry, Dr. Curatola’s visionary perspective goes beyond the conventional, aiming to redefine the standards of comprehensive healthcare. With a dedication to transformative dentistry, he not only addresses oral health but also recognizes its profound impact on the overall well-being of individuals. Through his pioneering work, Dr. Curatola aspires to empower everyone with the knowledge that embracing the symbiotic relationship between oral and systemic health is a crucial step toward a life of vitality and longevity.

Dr. Gerry Curatola

The biological dentists at Rejuvenation Dentistry® offer same-day dental crowns and dental bridges for ultimate comfort.